Love New Canadians

Equipping Your Church

Love New Canadians benefits local churches in a number of ways, including:

1) Love New Canadians assists local churches in their social service to people in their own neighbourhoods, specifically in providing services which benefit new immigrants (services such as ESL classes, citizenship classes, classes to help people find jobs, social events). This increases the reputation and profile of the church in its own neighbourhood.

2) Love New Canadians assists local churches in the task of evangelism. It provides settlement assistance which is enticing to people in the neighbourhood. New immigrants will desire to come into the church building and, as a result, meet loving Christians who are part of that local church. Those with spiritual interest enroll in bible studies and other programming which nurtures their faith journey.

3) Love New Canadians assists local churches in becoming more inviting to immigrants, and as a result, helps churches to become more like their neighbourhoods ethnically. Creating a ministry which assists new immigrants makes a local church more inviting to diverse people in our neighbourhoods.

4) Love New Canadians assists with local church growth as immigrants join the church, become members and participate fully in all the ministries of the church.