Love New Canadians



Package # 1: Begin one or two settlement classes. We can help you with demographic research, a survey to help find interested volunteers, ministry plan, mentoring and coaching, sermon or teaching session, volunteer training seminar, curriculum advice, and launch of one or two settlement courses (6 months)

Package # 2: Begin a Bridges class. We can help you formulate a plan to start a Bridges class, provide mentoring and coaching, sermon or teaching session, volunteer training seminar, and curriculum guidance (6 months).


a. How to Teach a Bridges Class (4-5 hours)
b. How to Serve New Canadians (2 hours)
c. Developing an Intercultural Ministry Pathway to Jesus (1.5 hours)
d. Creating Natural and Comfortable Spiritual Conversations with New Canadians (1.5 hours)
e. How to Start an Intercultural Ministry Program (1.5 hours)
f. How to Start and Lead an ESL bible study (1.5 hours)
g. Language Learning & Culture (1 hour)
h. What Does it Mean to Learn a Language (1 hour)
i. Understanding Cultural Differences (1 hour)
j. Cross-Cultural Evangelism (1 hour)

If there is another seminar topic your church is interested in, we’d be happy to prepare for that as well.


We can help your church do demographic research to understand immigrants in your neighbourhood.


“Ministry to Newcomers.” A motivational sermon interweaving the biblical basis for ministry to immigrants and stories of immigrants whose lives have been changed by God.

Let’s discuss the ministry your church would like to do with immigrants.  Learn from our experience (failures and successes) to assist in your ministry with immigrants.


We’ll help you work through the details to begin some aspect of settlement programming. Examples include: Beginner ESL class, Intermediate ESL class, ESL Conversation class, Job Talk (to assist immigrants with Canadian resume writing, interview skills and networking), Citizenship test preparation class, Accent reduction (pronunciation) class, Women’s ESL class, ESL novel study, ESL for weddings, ESL for cooking and baking, gym / games night, clubs, or another class you’re interested in. We can also advise you regarding immigrant friendly banquet activities (Thanksgiving banquet; Christmas banquet; International New Year Celebration – Lunar New Year; Easter party) various social activities (camping, hiking, line dancing, farm tour, curling, etc.), and starting a community night (sports, crafts, games, clubs).