Love New Canadians






How can your church serve New Canadians in your neighbourhood?


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New Canadians are seeking friendship and community.  Every church has friendly volunteers who can share God’s love with immigrant neighbours, but often they don’t know how to do this.


Love New Canadians can help your church develop a pathway to Jesus for immigrants.


This pathway includes:

– Settlement programming to help New Canadians adjust to life in Canada.
– Bridges for the spiritually curious, a pre-evangelistic ESL class.

– Spiritual programming for people who are interested in learning about Jesus.


Contact us about these steps:

1. Meet with us to discuss the immigrant needs in your community and the resources of your church.

2. If possible, attend an observation weekend.

3. Attend a training seminar for pastors and volunteers.

4. Select settlement programming and spiritual programming best suited to immigrant needs and the resources of your church.

5. Receive ongoing encouragement and advice from Love New Canadian coaches.


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